I   d i r e c t   n o n – f i c t i o n   c o m m e r c i a l   w o r k  w i t h  3  f o c u s e s :

30 seconds  or less that emotionally connect    

Originals  for editorial or commercial purposes

Feature length  ” paid for ”  programming


My  career  in camera work came early, when a high school art teacher prompted me to go on camera and do the morning announcements over channel 1.  Non fiction and aspirational subjects have been a focus ever since, she provided solid content to work up from; teaching me to engage with less captivating material like school lunches, it opened my mind to imagine the possibilities of  today . I work in sports, fashion, product a

Although most commercial work I direct is short form, I have directed and produced 6 feature length  adventure films , more than 200  digital serial episodes  and hosted or produced over 200 broadcast episodes while shooting on location across 6 continents



C o n t a c t   m e   u s i n g   t h i s   f o r m :